Magic Floating Tables
Magic Floating Tables Floating Tables For Magicians

These Magicians' Floating Tables are built sturdier than the competition, and meant to last. While they are sturdier, they are too are made of balsa wood, so they still are fragile. They use a modified zombie gimmick. Professional quality, pre-catalyzed stains and finishes are used so they look like regular furniture and will look good for the life of the table.

There are two different methods of floating these tables. The main method is with a zombie gimmick hidden in the cloth. In these tables, the table can easily be displayed w/out the cloth after floating. While I don't recommend displaying it before the floating, because it can cause people to wonder why you needed to put the cloth on to float it, it is possible. the secondary method is floating them with OR w/out the cloth via a magnetic TT (supplied).

"Anti-Gravity" Candle holders and "Anti-Gravity" Boxes (on the top) are not available, but a strong magnet is under the center of the table, so they will work if you want to easily adapt one for yourself

If you can use a zombie ball, then using one of my floating tables is very easy. Some practice is needed, but very little!

Magic table colors available are Mahogany, Walnut, Oak, and Cherry.

Magic Floating Table cloth colors are - Black, Purple, Blue, Silver, Red, Teal, Orange, Pink and Maroon. Trim or Tassels need to be specially requested.

Included with the floating table is an Aluminum Case, cloth gimmick, written instructions with photos, Care and upkeep instructions and personal customer service. These are VERY easy to use.

Each magic table is tested before being shipped, and personally packaged to insure they are safe for transport.

Each Floating Table cost $600 and comes with a plain cloth (your choice of colors) and a carrying/storage case (cases may vary in style and color). Trim or Tassels are an additional $40.

Magicians ask me how I can sell Magic Floating Tables so inexpensively. I ask how the competition can sell them for so much!
Diamond Mahogany
Diamond Walnut
Diamond Cherry
Busty Half Karat Mahogany
Half Karat Walnut
2 Karat Diamond Mahogany
Round-a-Bout Cherry
Round-A-Bout Mahogany
Spine Oak
Cobra Mahogany
Oddessy 3000 Mahogany
Heart Walnut